Offer Better Coverage To Workers And Increase Employee Retention

If you have employees working in New Jersey, you are required by the law to purchase disability insurance. EZTDB offers private temporary disability insurance plans for retail shops to allow shop owners to insure their workers – who acquired a disability that prevents them from performing the core functions – against risks of losing income and facing a financial crunch.

Employers/Shop Owners No Longer Required To Hold an Employee Consent Election

Earlier, new businesses registered with the state were automatically enrolled in the state TDI plan offered by the New Jersey Department of Labor. To get out, you had to get your employees to sign a piece of paper approving of the switch. Logistically, it was tough to do, as employees are usually skeptical about what they are being asked to sign. The result was – employers stuck to the New Jersey state plan!

A change to New Jersey Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) law - made in February 2019 – made it much easier for employers to opt for private temporary disability insurance plans and get better benefits! Employers/shop owners no longer have to hold an employee consent election to opt-out of the state’s TDI plan. While it may not seem like much of a change, EZTDB firmly believes it will make a big difference!

Choose a Private TDB Plan with EZTDB & Save Big!

EZTDB provides you with better disability insurance plans for retail shops and empowers you to-

  • Customize your employee’s TDB coverage as per your need
  • Protect yourself from potential rate hikes and save up to 20% on TDB
  • Join the elite club of 2% of business owners enjoying the best service with private TDB
  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention with customized, better benefits

Only private TDB insurance allows you to choose a better plan than the state mandates, plus multi-line discounts on important ancillary benefits. Give EZTDB a call to discuss your best available options!