Get Better Benefits Than State Plan By Privatizing TDB And Save More

Temporary disability insurance for the telecom industry helps employers in the Telecom business protect their employees’ income in case they lose their ability to work due to a temporary disability—injury or illness. EZTDB has comprehensive disability insurance solutions available for companies in different industries, including Telecom. We work closely with our clients to help them find the best temporary disability insurance in New Jersey-based on their needs.

Employee Consent Not Required for Private TDI

If you have employees working in your company in New Jersey, you are required by the law to get disability insurance. Although there are state plans available, they don’t allow you to get the most out of your insurance policy. In fact, sometimes, you are even forced to stick to the state TDB plan because you are not able to obtain employees’ consent for private TDB.

Not Anymore!

A recent change to New Jersey Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) law has made it extremely easy for employers to obtain private temporary disability insurance. Now you can get better benefits and coverage with EZTDB and save big on insurance premiums! EZTDB offers private temporary disability insurance plans to companies in the Telecom industry to allow employers to ensure better employee retention by ensuring their workers – who have suffered a disability that prevents them from performing core functions – against risks of losing income and facing a financial setback.

Get a Temporary Disability Insurance Plan That Is Affordable and Just Right For You!

With so many insurance carriers in New Jersey out there offering temporary disability insurance plans for the telecom industry, choosing the best plan for your company might seem confusing. EZTDB is here to make the job simple! We understand that when it comes to insurance, every employer has different preferences and requirements. Our objective is to provide you with a TDB plan that is not only affordable but just right for you!