Like the weather, missing work due to sickness or injury can be highly costly. Like other professions, farmers and ranchers should have some type of disability insurance. Disability insurance for farmers helps farmers and ranchers in the agricultural industry protect their income and business in case they lose the ability to work due to an injury or illness. EZTDB offers expert, unbiased advice about disability insurance to farmers and ranchers, and works with them to help find the best disability insurance based on their needs.

Why Disability Insurance Is Essential For Farmers and Ranchers

Farming is a labor-intensive job that involves the use of basic to heavy-duty machinery and/or chemicals, which are potentially dangerous and can lead to injuries. As a farmer or rancher, getting injured and not being able to work can be catastrophic – not only physically but financially. This is where disability insurance for farmers can turn out to be a life-saver and prevent you from the financial crunch.

Taking Disability Insurance Plan at a Young Age is Beneficial

Apart from health and gender, age is an important consideration for insurance carriers to determine the disability insurance policy price. The older you are, the more expensive the policy becomes. So, it is better to purchase your policy as young as possible. That being said, most farmers put a lot of money back into their business, which is why buying disability insurance at an early age isn’t always feasible. We try to make sure that you have a policy in place that offers you coverage for disability and also suits your budget.

We Provide a Disability Insurance Plan That Is Just Right For You

Although there are so many insurance carriers offering disability insurance plans for farmers and ranchers, choosing the best plan for you does not need to be expensive or confusing. We make the job simple for you! EZTDB understands that when it comes to insurance, every individual is different and has different preferences and requirements. Our objective is to provide you with a disability insurance plan that is just right for you!