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What Happens To Employees’ Payroll When Privatizing Your TBD Plan?

By pwsadmin | August 25, 2020

The change in payroll is one of the most common concerns that every employer shares while privatizing their Temporary Disability Insurance. By combining the Undefined state plan with a private plane, you must know how it will impact the commitment of the employee. So if you plan to privatize your State Disability Insurance plan, then…

Want to Privatize TDI Coverage in NJ? Here is What You Should Know!

By pwsadmin | August 25, 2020

The New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits Law allows employers in NJ to provide TDI coverage to their employees through an approved private plan—instead of the State Plan. Though employers always had this option, privatizing TDI has gained a lot of popularity after an important amendment in the law that now prevents employers from obtaining employees’…

Why Employers in NJ are Encouraged to Privatize Temporary Disability Benefits

By pwsadmin | August 25, 2020

The New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits (TDB) law mandates employers to provide disability benefits (partial wage replacement) to their employees who are ill, injured off-job, or pregnant. To stay in compliance with the law, the employer can either opt for the State Plan or buy a private temporary disability benefits policy in New Jersey from an authorized…

4 Advantages of a Private TDI Plan in NJ You Are Probably Not Aware of

By pwsadmin | August 25, 2020

Since the New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits Law has waived the requirement to obtain employees’ consent for a private plan, there is a buzz among employers in NJ about privatizing New Jersey temporary disability insurance benefits. Not only has this amendment made it easier for employers to switch to a private plan but opened gates to new…