Why Employers in NJ are Encouraged to Privatize Temporary Disability Benefits

The New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits (TDB) law mandates employers to provide disability benefits (partial wage replacement) to their employees who are ill, injured off-job, or pregnant. To stay in compliance with the law, the employer can either opt for the State Plan or buy a private temporary disability benefits policy in New Jersey from an authorized insurance carrier. However, the latter is usually a better option. With Feb 2019 update that has removed the need for getting employees’ consent for private TDI, the option has now become much more flexible for employers.

Benefits of Privatizing Temporary Disability Benefits Law Coverage

Though the New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits (TDB) law gives employers the option to go for the state TDI Plan, the plan does not offer the kind of “additional benefits” you get (apart from the obvious cash benefit) when you write it through a private carrier. When you buy your TDI policy through a private insurance carrier, you are able to enjoy better rates and more personalized service, offer better coverage to your employees (more than the state minimum), and also improve employee retention. Additionally, there is a wide range of plans and insurance providers available for you to choose from.

Why Employers Should Choose EZTDB for New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits Coverage

EZTDB helps employers in New Jersey by providing them quality assistance on various private temporary disability benefits packages in NJ. We prepare quotes from multiple carriers in a matter of minutes and make sure you get the best. Compare rates, find the right plan, save money, and pass on the benefits to your employees while EZTDB serves as your back-office support staff to manage and maintain your policies. Let us write your TDI in NJ today!