Privatizing TDI Has Become Much Easier Than Ever — What Employers in NJ Should Know

Thanks to a small but important amendment in the Temporary Disability Benefits Law, employers in New Jersey now have the option to go private and get better rates. Though the provision for private TDI was already there, employers in NJ could not enroll themselves in a plan as it required employees’ consent, which, let’s be very honest, was quite difficult to achieve.

New Opportunities for Employers in NJ
The February 2019 amendment has waived off the employees’ consent requirement and made it possible for employers to get temporary disability insurance benefits in NJ at an affordable price. Now, employers not only have a lot more options in terms of plans, but they can also make changes to an existing plan through the modification process as specified by the Private Plan Operations. If you are still enrolled in the State plan, you are highly recommended to privatize TDI and start saving.

Choose From A Variety of Insurance Carriers to Get the Best Rates
When employers were enrolled in the State Plan by default, they did not have a lot of options to choose from. They were paying for the plan and charging the employees according to the rate set by the State. The amendment in the Temporary Disability Benefits Law has given the option to employers to evaluate plans from a variety of insurance carriers and pick the one that best meets their requirements. They can now enjoy better rates and better services.

EZTDB Makes Privatizing TDI A Breeze
Though a lot of information can be accessed online, going to each insurance company’s website that is authorized to provide private TDI benefits and checking their plans can be a very confusing and time-consuming task. This is where EZTDB comes to the rescue!

Contact us to get temporary disability benefits in NJ, and we will make the process of privatizing TDI a breeze for you. Let us help you find the right plan and write your TDB policy!