How Privatizing TDB in New Jersey can help you increase Employee Retention

Your employees being the most important resource of your business, deserve to be protected against damages caused by possible injuries and illnesses—not only at work (to cover injuries at work, you have Workers Compensation) but even when they are off work. Moreover, employees are more likely to stay loyal to employers that are willing to help them better secure their financial future. For this reason, you must have a good insurance disability insurance policy for small business in place for your employees that can provide them with a replacement income if they are disabled by non-job-related accidents or illnesses. It will not only provide necessary insurance coverage to your employees but also help you increase employee retention. The better the benefits, the better your chances of retaining employees!

Why Privatize TDB
Though the State of New Jersey has Temporary Disability Benefits (TDB) law, under which all New Jersey employers are required to furnish disability insurance, the state plan does not always offer you the right kind of benefits. Moreover, rate hikes at regular intervals can make the policy more expensive for small businesses, and sometimes—unaffordable. If you want to get the most out of your TDB insurance policy, you should privatize it instead of just sticking to the State plan. You are no longer required by the law to get employees’ consent to do so. By privatizing Temporary Disability Benefits, you are not just able to protect yourself from potential insurance rate hikes imposed by the State of New Jersey but save big on premiums, get lower rates, better service, and greater value.

Offer Better Benefits to Your Employees by Privatizing TDB
Only a private carrier allows you to upgrade your benefits plan, take advantage of multi-line discounts, and offer more flexibility to your employees in payment options. You can also save money with multi-line discounts by adding dental, vision, group life insurance, and 401K options to your employee benefits packages. Strong benefits packages including ancillary benefits that make recruitment and retention easier.

Choose EZTDB to Privatize TDB
Selecting and taking advantage of private TDB to provide better benefits to employees as well as to save big on premiums—does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. EZTDB, as your insurance expert, helps you get the best disability insurance for small businesses in New Jersey. Partner with us to get quality assistance on choosing a private Temporary Disability insurance policy that is just right for you!