3 Steps to Privatizing Temporary Disability Insurance in NJ

Since New Jersey has removed the requirement to obtain employee consent (51%) for employers looking to privatize their temporary disability benefits insurance in NJ, there is a buzz among businesses to switch from the State Plan to a private plan.The buzz is for obvious reasons because a minor change has opened the gates to new possibilities.Working through EZTDS’s vast network of insurance brokers, Left out the B in EZTDB. Why are you promoting brokers when this is a business to consumer site? IW.net is the wholesale site that promotes to sub producing brokers. employers can easily privatize New Jersey TDB policies in three simple steps.

1. Request your AC-174
Employers are now required to visit the New Jersey Department of Labor website and fill out the application in order to download and update their invoice or AC174. Here is the link https://www.nj.gov/labor/ea/index.shtml

2. Marketing Through Our Vast Carrier Network
Once you receive your AC174’s, we begin your marketing process. EZTDB works with its preferred network of carriers to help you find the best rate for your state required policy .We use our experience, industry relationships, and volume to save your company money and place it back into your bottom line

3. Choose Your Best Plan
Privatizing TDB allows you access to a pool of A+ Rated insurance carriers who offer private plans for TDB. Depending on your company’s size you pick the insurance company who best fits your business and then choose your plan. In order to receive further discounting, you can add ancillary benefits to your state mandated short term disability plan such as vision, dental, and life insurance.

Privatizing temporary disability benefit insurance in New Jersey provides you with a variety of benefits, such as flexibility, lower rates, faster payouts, a top-notch service and much more. Contact EZTDB today for assistance on choosing the right plan!